​​Pit Stop Pit Bull Rescue Transport

Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250, USA

​One stop closer to a forever home

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Key Email Addresses:

  • Volunteer@pspbrt.org - If you are interested in volunteering for one of our events or as a driver.
  • ContactUs@pspbrt.org - If you are interested in contacting us.
  • Donate@pspbrt.org - Use this email for making a donation via PayPal. 
  • Events@pspbrt.org - If you would like us to participate in an event.
  • Programs@pspbrt.org - If you are interested in assisting us with any of our programs: Medical, Boarding, Training, Toys For Transport, Shelter Makeover, Transport, etc.
  • Supplies@pspbrt.org - If you would like us to pick up donations of Food, Treats, Toys, etc.
  • Transport@pspbrt.org - If you are a shelter/rescue in need of transport on the East Coast of the U.S.

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