Often times on transport animals are scared and confused as they have just been released from the shelter.  Looking for ways to help calm them we decided to start providing a toy that they could cuddle with on their journey and the dogs really seemed to enjoy it.  

 In the fall of 2014 we decided to expand the program and for the holidays we kicked off our Holiday Toys for Transport Fundraiser.  This has now grown into a wonderful program where we provide toys and treats to every animal on transport with us.  

For an animal that comes out of the shelter with nothing, this is the first something they are given that belongs only to them.

If you would like to help by providing items for our Toys For Transport Program, we are currently in need of the following:

  • nylabones
  • kongs
  • balls
  • plush toys
  • squeeky toys
  • small bags of treats that can fit into individual doggie treat bags
  • collars
  • bandanas
  • leashes
  • blankets
  • dog bowls  

We are lucky enough to have two great supporters that collect donations for us:

Pet Supermarket - 609 Beach Boulevard    Jacksonville Beach, FL
Earth Pets Natural - 11740 San Jose Boulevard   Jacksonville, FL

You can drop off donations at either location or make a monetary donation to Pit Stop Pit Bull Rescue Transport denoting the Toys for Transport Program.

​​​toys for transport

​One stop closer to a forever home

​​Pit Stop Pit Bull Rescue Transport

In addition, Pit Stop Pit Bull Rescue Transport has an Amazon Wish List comprised of the items that we generally give out to animals while on transport.  Purchasing from here is an easy and safe way to make your donations.  You can check out our Wish List here.